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Business offices have been undergoing some significant changes over the past few years, and the UAE government has been looking to improve the efficiency of the sector.

Businesses in the Middle East and Africa have seen a resurgence in business expansion over the last few years as their local economies have recovered from the global economic downturn, and demand has been strong.

However, a large portion of businesses in the country still rely on their local manufacturing infrastructure to operate, and a lot of those companies are not profitable in the long run.

One of the biggest challenges faced by many businesses in this sector is the inability to attract and retain talent.

According to a recent report from McKinsey, the UAE had the fourth highest proportion of unemployed workers in the world, behind countries like Pakistan, Syria, and Afghanistan.

It is no secret that the Middle Eastern and African countries have a large pool of talent in their labour market, and many of these companies need to attract, retain, and train these talented individuals.

The UAE government is working on several initiatives to help businesses in order to make sure that their workers are successful in the future.

One of the most significant initiatives is the creation of a new national recruitment and training institute, the Dubai Training Centre, that will focus on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the recruitment and recruitment system.

This initiative is being implemented in a few different steps, and will see the establishment of a team to recruit and train the best talent in the region, and create a platform to train the workforce to fill jobs in the local industry.

According the Ministry of Labour, the aim of the new institute is to improve recruiting and training in the private sector.

The Dubai Training Center will help companies hire and train workers across different sectors, including the construction sector, hospitality, retail, and wholesale and retail trade, according to a statement from the ministry.

This new initiative will not only help businesses hire more staff, but also train them to improve their recruitment and recruiting process.

The Ministry of Labor said that the institute will be able to recruit the best talents to fill specific job roles, such as logistics and accounting, and would also help businesses improve their operational efficiency, as well as improve the training of employees.

The new training institute will also have the capacity to train workers in other industries, such a tourism, and healthcare, among other areas.

According to a report from the Dubai Business Federation, this initiative will be part of a broader strategy to improve recruitment and retention for the UAE workforce.

According a McKinsey report, the number of employees employed in the economy declined by 0.6% between 2016 and 2019, and by the same amount, the country lost 1.3 million skilled jobs.

It also noted that the unemployment rate in the Emirates remained above 8% from 2016 to 2019, despite a rise in job openings, and this had led to an increase in the demand for skilled workers.

The new training initiative is expected to be completed by the end of 2019, with the UAE Government’s aim to have this new centre up and running by 2021.