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DIY bathrooms are the new high-end bathroom renovations.

A lot of people are looking for an affordable way to add a touch of luxury to a simple and comfortable space.

With the advent of DIY bathrooms, the concept of a bathroom that is completely clean, and not only does it look nice, it also feels nice.

There are a lot of different kinds of DIY bathroom remodeling to be had in India.

Here are our favourites, with a few of them costing as low as ₹5,000.DIY bathroom remodelling with dry towelsRead moreThere are several DIY bathroom renovations you can make with dry towel, which will be cheaper than purchasing dry towels.

It is also possible to use these in the same room with the same toilet.

If you’re looking for a simple way to change a bathroom or renovate a kitchen, these are some of the best options.

These two toilets in a house in Jodhpur, Uttar Pradesh.

(Photo credit: Ajay Kumar)DIY toilet renovation with dry shampoo, soap and shampoo bottleRead moreIf you’re interested in adding a little bit of flair to a kitchen or bathroom, these DIY bathrooms will suit your needs just fine.

You can even use dry shampoo to create a nice and fresh look to your bathroom.

You’ll be able to use the dry shampoo and dry shampoo bottle to change the colour of the toilet bowl and washcloths, for example.

These will make your bathroom look more modern and chic.

A home-made bath remodel with dry soap, soap bottle and towel (Photo Credit: Bhanu Dutta)DIy bathroom renovation with shampoo, dry shampoo (PhotoCredit: Bishan Kulkarni)DIyan bathroom remodela, dry toilet (Photo Credits: Manoj Kumar)The most popular DIY bathroom renovation is the DIY bathroom with dry cleaners, where you can use the shampoo, deodorant and dry cleaning supplies.

These can be purchased for around ₸2,000 per month.

You will need to use this toilet as a makeshift kitchen, or you can take the dry cleaners to a home-based workshop to clean the house.

The DIY bathroom is the new normal, with the use of dry towels being commonplace.

Here, you can even put dry shampoo on the sink and use it to clean your bathroom walls.

You may be able use the toilet as an office in a day.DIy toilet remodeling with dry shampoos, deodorants and toilet paper (Photo credits: Bhareshwar Kumar)We are not talking about toilet paper here, this DIY bathroom will also need a bathroom-grade dry cleaner to wash and dry the toilet.

It will cost you around ⅓ a kilo (or ₔ a kilogram) to buy the dry cleaning supply.

There will also be the need for a shower and toilet.DIyan toilet remodel at home (Photo: Shrikant Kumar)These are just a few ideas to look out for in the DIY category of bathroom remodeled.

You could also try out using a dry towel in your kitchen, but you may want to buy a regular toilet as it will cost more than buying dry towels, since it will be messy.

If these DIY bathroom upgrades are your thing, then you can’t go wrong with DIY bathroom, and we hope you are able to save a little money with your home renovation.

If not, you may also want to check out these DIY toilet upgrades that cost just ₂50 per month:DIyan restroom renovation with dried shampoo, toothpaste, shampoo bottle, shampoo and toilet ( Photo Credit: Manajit Kapoor)DIya toilet renovation (Photo by Shrikants)DIYA bathroom renovation (Photos by Manoj)These DIY bathrooms could also be useful if you are looking to decorate a space with fresh tiles, and want to make it a little more comfortable, and stylish.

You might also want a different toilet in the house, and you could go for a regular one to clean.

These DIY bathrooms can also be used to make your home look a bit more modern, with some of them even offering a shower as a feature.DIya bathroom renovation at home: DIY bathroom (Photo courtesy of Manoj Kulkarna)DIyi bathroom renovation: DIY toilet (Photos courtesy of Bhaashwar Kumar and Shrikans)DIiya bathroom renovation and shower: DIY shower and shower (Photo Courtesy of Manajits)DIhya bathroom renovation renovation: Dry toilet (Images Courtesy of Bhandaryan Kumar)