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On Wednesday, a new office project was inaugurated by the municipality of the city of Tel Aviv, in an effort to revive the city’s reputation for being a haven for the homeless and a place of opportunity for those in need.

According to the Israeli news website Haaretz, the new project will bring about the “finalization of an agreement between the municipality and the City of Tel.

Aviv’s Ministry of Housing and Public Works to restore the Tel.

Aviv office complex, which was destroyed in the 2012 terrorist attacks in the city.”

In 2016, the city announced that it was moving forward with a $2 billion project to rebuild the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Authority office complex that was destroyed by a terrorist attack in 2012.

It has since reopened, and was named the Tel-Aviv Center for Innovation.

The project will reportedly be a collaboration between the city, Tel Aviv University, the state and the Ministry of Public Works, the Haaretz reports.

Construction is expected to start in 2019, and the new building will be able to accommodate 500,000 residents.

The Jerusalem Post reports that the Telaviv Center will also be home to a hospital, a sports field, an auditorium, a library, a cultural center and a museum.

The Israeli news site says that construction will start in 2021 and the project is expected cost around $5 billion.