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Bathroom Remodel Danbury

John Thain’s remodeling of his business office was so big that it had to be funded by a tub renovation.

Thain’s family said it cost $2,000.

His son, Robert Thain, said the tub cost about $2.50.

The family is expecting to make the renovations by the end of the month.

Thain said his wife has already been busy remodeling her family’s home and office.

He said the renovations cost about 50 cents each and they had to use about 2.5 feet of the original ceiling to make room for the new plumbing and electrical.

Thains remodeling has been a success, he said.

“We’re happy to be back, we’re proud to be here, and we’re excited to start getting on with our business and making it a success,” Thain told ABC News.

Thakes remodeling was part of his family’s annual “The Thains” tradition.

They are making the first remodel of their home since 2009.

The remodel took place in March.

Thayens home is not a business, he told ABC affiliate KHOU.

It is more like a hobby.

We’re doing this as a family, he added.