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Washington, DC — ┬áSenate Republican leader Mitch McConnell has said the new Capitol Police office will cost $300m more than the previous one.

The Senate Republican Leadership Fund and its partners had requested $400m for the new building at the Capitol on Monday.

That’s up from the $300-million request that the group had made just weeks before.

McConnell said the agency will take on $50m in the new budget, bringing the total cost of the project to $310m.

He said the building will be renovated for the next decade and the office will have “new, new capabilities and technology that will allow it to be more effective in the future.”

McNabb has been vocal about how Congress has failed to meet its responsibility to protect the Capitol.

In July, he released a report that found that only three percent of the $1.5 trillion federal budget was funded through mandatory budget cuts, while the rest of the money was spent on mandatory spending.

The new building, which will house the Office of the Sergeant at Arms and the Office for Legislative Counsel, will be a $2.6 million office.

The office’s office space will be leased to the Senate and House offices, while there will be space for a legislative briefing room and the Senate Office Building.

The building will also have two full-time security officers to guard the Capitol for the first time since the building was built in 1910.

The office remodels came on the heels of an announcement from McConnell that he was asking the federal government to take a $3 billion loan to help cover the cost of repairing the building, according to The Washington Post.

“The new Capitol renovation will provide a much-needed safety net for the Capitol and its workforce,” McConnell said in a statement.

“This loan is designed to provide funding for capital projects that help maintain the Capitol as it becomes a world-class venue for our nation’s lawmakers, officials, staff, and visitors.”