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A new bathroom renovation project is making a huge impact on the cost of a new bathroom.RTE’s business office renovation guide is now available in a new ebook format.

Read more about the business office renovations articleA small bathroom remodels cost in excess of €2,000.

Read the article Small bathroom remodeling cost €2.2 million in Italy and France, RTE’s report shows.

Read about the remodel and the cost.

A second bathroom remodelled by Remodelistas in ItalyThe cost of an old bath in Italy, €5,000, is currently being remodelled.

The renovation project, which includes an expansion of the existing tub and bath and new fixtures, is due to be completed in September.

The total cost of the renovation project was €7.3 million.

The cost is estimated to be between €8,000 and €10,000 per bath, according to RTE.

The company says it is the largest project in Italy to date and will create 2,500 jobs.

Read a summary of the remodeling project in the latest edition of RTEBusiness.