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In the first half of 2018, the average office remodeling cost climbed an average of $11,874 per job, according to a survey by Zillow.

But in the second half of the year, the trend began to reverse, rising by $2,839.

The average cost of a single-family home remodel rose by an average $2.9 million in the first six months of 2018.

As for single-unit home remodeling, the cost of home renovations jumped by an additional $2 million in that same time period. 

The survey of 7,858 people by Zilow showed that the average cost for an office remodeled home rose by $9,000, or by $6,947 per job.

And the average price for a single family home remodeled by Zils rose by just $2 per job to $6.5 million.

That’s the first time that a single job has risen more than $2 more in the last six months. 

But the Zilows report also showed that some people are seeing the benefits of being remodeled at home.

According to Zillows, the number of people saying that they “would like to be able to afford to remodel their home at home, with the exception of some small remodels” has increased by 5 percent in the past year. 

This trend is likely driven by the fact that there’s more competition in the remodeling market, and the number and size of remodels is getting smaller. 

More people are choosing to renovate their homes in the same size of space, which means that there are fewer available spaces to move into, Zilowers survey said.

And that means fewer options for people who want to live in their own space, as well as fewer options to buy a home. 

“I would say that the remodel trend is actually a bit of a win-win for people,” Zillowitz said.

“It makes it easier for people to get out of the house and spend more time with their family and it gives them more flexibility to make the right decisions.

But the downside is that the homes are becoming smaller, so there’s a cost to that. 

It’s also important to remember that remodeling can be a costly endeavor.

That doesn’t mean that it’s always cheaper, but it does mean that the number one goal is to get the house ready to move out of storage. 

While the average amount of remodeling costs per job rose in the year to June, it also fell by $1,639, or 4 percent, to $11.4 million.

In the last three months of the same year, it rose by almost $1 million.

And it’s worth noting that the survey did not include remodeling that was done in the middle of the summer or on the weekends.