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When it comes to remodeling your bathroom, you can save thousands in your wallet. and AAP report the latest from Australia, where the average cost of a bathroom vanity has increased by more than $1 million.

New South Wales and Queensland both saw the biggest price hikes, with the average price of a vanity remodeling increasing by $600,000 to $1.8 million.

However, Victoria saw the most price increases, increasing the cost of vanity remodelling by nearly $1 billion.

The cheapest of the new bathrooms is the one in your living room. understands the average new bathroom in the capital is $600.

The average cost for a vanity in a new home is $1million.

The cost of new bathrooms can vary widely depending on the type of bathroom and what type of fittings are used.

“It is actually quite simple to see the cost increase and it’s quite hard to put a figure on it because the amount of work and the cost involved in a vanity has gone up so much,” resident Linda Smith said.

“For the same amount of money, we could have bought a new kitchen, got the shower in the bathroom, got a new TV and had a new toilet.”

Linda Smith says a new bathroom remodelling can be a cost-effective way to make her living room more spacious.

It’s cheaper to build a new shower, a new sink and a new bath in a private property than it is to get a vanity.

“We’re saving money and it doesn’t come out of the budget,” she said.

In New South Wales, the average bill for a new vanity will now be $1m, but the total bill for the whole of Victoria will be about $2.5m.

“I’d like to think that if you’re a small business owner, if you are a home owner, then you can afford to do it,” Ms Smith said, but she said a vanity is not the only way to save money.

“You can buy a new carpet or a new rug, if they’re going to put that down, or you can get a new mirror,” she explained.

“The price will go up, but it will go down in a year or two.”

New South Welsh and Queensland resident Linda Watson said it’s cheaper for people to renovate their bathrooms than it was to remodel their kitchens.

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