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Bathroom Remodel Danbury

Danbury is looking to save $2,000 on a tiny bathroom remodeling project.

The project, which will cost $1,500, is a new bathroom that will be located in the home of Danbury’s former owner, according to Danbury City Manager John Gribbon.

The city’s current small bathroom, which is located in a building at the intersection of Third and West Main streets, is $2.4 million.

The city will spend $2 million on the renovation.

The remodel is expected to cost around $100,000, but it is still subject to final approval.

Gribbon said the project is part of a larger remodeling program that includes the construction of a second condo.

Gibbons said the remodel will likely take at least two to three months to complete.

He said it will include a full renovation of the bathroom and would include the installation of new fixtures and plumbing, plumbing fixtures, and electrical systems.

The current small bathrooms are in the city’s historic Danbury Historic District.

They are part of the Danbury Building.