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Modern office spaces are in high demand, especially in urban areas.

Many of these offices have multiple floors, with the floor plan being dictated by the individual building.

Here are some ideas to make yourself a modern office.


The space needs to be completely enclosed and separate from the office space.2.

Make it a custom bathroom.

This is something that you can use in any building, whether it is in a large office building, a single-storey building, or a small office building.

The key is to make it the best possible bathroom that the space can be.3.

Make sure the space has an entrance to the outside and an exit to the inside.

The bathroom must be at least 25 per cent enclosed.4.

Make the bathroom very well ventilated and not leaky.

It must be able to air-condition and have ventilation.5.

Use a bathroom with an open plan and no walls that are too big.

The toilet should be as large as the bathroom itself.6.

Have a ceiling with a clear view of the outside, which is important if you are making a new bathroom.7.

If you have a large floor, make it a floor-to-ceiling shower.

Make a shower head that can fit on the floor.8.

Add a shower curtain and a shower seat, since you are using an existing shower.9.

If the space is smaller, make the bathroom a separate room.

For instance, make a space for a living room and a kitchen.10.

If your space is larger, have a separate shower for every person in the house.

This way, no one has to share a bathroom.11.

The only thing that should be missing from the space you are renovating is a desk.

If this is your first office, you should make sure that you add a chair and a desk for each person.12.

A good way to make the space look more modern is to add a window in front of the office, or to make a separate office window to a different floor.13.

Make your bathroom more attractive by adding a wall, or make it more contemporary.

The walls should be high and the ceilings should be low.14.

Make bathrooms as attractive as possible by having windows that open onto the street, or by adding an outdoor terrace.15.

Make yourself an indoor garden, or at least a mini garden.16.

The next thing you should do is to create a new meeting room.

The office space should have an open floor plan.

It should also have a bathroom, which should be at the same level as the rest of the space.

You should make this room more comfortable.17.

If all else fails, you can also make the new bathroom a little more formal.

This can be done by adding decorative tiles, or adding a custom shower curtain.18.

For this, you need to consider the size of the bathroom, as well as the size and shape of the meeting room you are planning.

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