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Bathroom Remodel Danbury

An architect has been asked to make a bathroom remodel in a suburb of Delhi to remove the dirt.

The architect has started work on the project on the outskirts of New Delhi.

The project has been completed but will be a public open space in the shape of a bathroom, the architect has said.

It was commissioned by the Centre for Urban Development and Planning (CUDCP) and it will include an indoor and outdoor toilet with a basin.

It will be used by a couple who are working as labourers.

The toilet will be made of cement.

The architect said that it was a project to make space for people to clean themselves and also to make them feel more comfortable and safe.

“The project will involve removing the existing toilets in the neighbourhood, which are dirty and dirty surfaces,” the architect said.

“I have been working on it for over two months, and this is the first time I am working on this project.”

The project is being conducted by the Architect and Urban Design (AUD) Department, and the architect had been working as a labourer in the area.

The toilets will be kept clean.