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A former Victorian town has been reborn by a new project of a “dying” art gallery.

Key points:The art gallery was to open in May next to the former Victorian Town HallThe new exhibition will be called “Pretending to be in the Past”A new exhibition of art is to open next month at the former town hall in the CBDThe Victorian town’s history has been taken to new heights by the restoration of the town hallThe art exhibition is being organised by the Victorian Town Centre, which is hosting the art gallery in the town.

“We’ve always had this sort of spirit in our town, we just haven’t had the space for it,” former Victorian resident and museum volunteer Chris Jones told 7.30.

The Victorian Town Center said it had been asked by the town to help create a new museum.

“The town centre wants to do something with our history that’s something that’s been dormant for years and decades, so this is the perfect opportunity to revive it,” town historian Andrew Brown said.

“It’s been in the same building for almost 100 years, it’s got a history to it.”

Mr Brown said the museum would have a range of exhibitions.

“Our focus will be on the Victorian town in general and the Victorian period in particular, and our focus will certainly be on that period,” he said.

The town hall was opened in 1895 and was later renovated to create a shopping mall.

It was then used for public meetings and events, but has since been converted into a museum and offices.

“People can go back in time and see the building as a museum in its current form, it was a wonderful museum,” Mr Brown said of the building.

“I think it’s a wonderful piece of history that needs to be preserved.”‘

You can see it as an art gallery’: ‘The whole idea was to do this in a really quiet, private way’Architect, builder and artist Alan Loughlin is a founding member of the Victorian Arts Council.

He said the project was “very much an art project”.

“It has the whole idea of doing this in an art show rather than in a public space, so you can see this as an arts gallery rather than a public gallery,” he told 7:30.

“You can do a lot of things in that space in a private way.”

Mr Loughling said the town would also be open for a short film, but the project would not be publicised.

The arts centre has worked with other local community groups to renovate the town centre, including the former Victoria Theatre.

Mr Loughtal said the arts centre’s director, Chris D’Arcy, had been in talks with local community group A Street Artists to bring the project to life.

“He was very keen to get a film up and running so he said to me, ‘We’re going to do a film about the town, the art, so we can showcase that as well’,” Mr Loughtel said.

Mr D’Arians vision is to make it “a place for people to come and experience the town and then come and stay and spend time with friends”.

“We’re hoping to do things with the art that are going on in the community that are just as important to the community as the things happening on the street are,” Mr D’Anars said.

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