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It is hard to believe that the city of Houston has managed to avoid a serious problem in the past year, as the city prepares to enter its third year of a $500 million renovation of the city’s public bathrooms. 

The new renovation will take place at the corner of Memorial and Market streets, and is being called a “bathroom bust-a move” as it will create a new area that is smaller and less comfortable than the old ones, as well as a new one that will be more comfortable and more spacious than the existing ones.

The renovation will also create a small “bath room” that will house a “small” kitchen and bathroom, and will be equipped with a “modern” toilet.

It is estimated that this remodeling will cost the city $8 million, but the project has already faced criticism from the city as a whole.

The new bathrooms will also be a major overhaul for the city.

This will include the construction of a new elevator, which will allow for more access to the restrooms, and also a new concourse.

The elevator will also include two-way elevators that will connect to a new, larger restroom.

Additionally, the city will also expand its pedestrian plaza, which was added as part of the renovation of Market Street. 

On the surface, it looks like the remodeling is a step in the right direction.

However, the renovations will create more room for the public, as Houston is known to be one of the most crowded cities in the US, and it will make the public feel less secure.

For those unfamiliar with Houston, the old Public Baths were built during the 1970s and 1980s, and they were designed to create a safe space for the community to go in and out of the buildings, and to be seen from the street.

The bathrooms were designed with a large open space for people to use, and were also designed with the expectation that people would be able to use them.

However in recent years, Houston has seen a decrease in the number of people using the public bathrooms, and this has created a situation where people are more likely to walk to the bathrooms rather than use the public restrooms.

Many Houstonians feel like they are being asked to leave their personal space at home, and many of the public bathroom renovation projects in the city have created more of an environment where people feel like their personal privacy is being invaded, and that they can’t feel safe walking in their homes.

This is especially problematic for younger generations who live in Houston, as they are more often likely to be living with parents and grandparents, who can be seen in the bathrooms and are often the ones who have to be there to see their children or take care of them.

The changes that will come with this remodel will further isolate people and further decrease their sense of safety in their home.

In addition to the changes to the Public Bath, the Houston City Council has also approved a $100 million budget to renovate all of the major public buildings in the area, including the city parks, the City Hall, the Convention Center, and the City Park.

Some of the areas that will get the most attention, and what they will be doing in this remodelling project, are: The City Hall will be renovated into a $400 million, luxury hotel, with three hotel suites.

The City Park will be remodeled into a three-story mixed-use development with over 200 apartments.

The Convention Center will be converted into a large hotel and office building, with over 350,000 square feet of retail space.

The city will be purchasing a $150 million, mixed-used office building in the heart of downtown Houston, which is also being remodeled.

The hotel will also have an elevator, and new escalators that can be used to access the city park. 

At this time, the entire project is still being debated and it is unknown if this will be completed by the end of 2018.