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Next Big is the latest big name to invest in office space and is expanding its footprint across the country.

The company, which recently announced its first project in its new office building in Brooklyn, New York, plans to spend more than $20 million over the next few years to renovate 10 of its buildings.

The company also plans to renovates a number of other existing buildings, including a new tower at a new office park in Connecticut, according to a company statement.

“This expansion will include both office and residential improvements,” the statement read.

“Our goal is to create a more seamless and integrated environment for our customers and employees.”

The company plans to open at least one new office this year and plans to expand its footprint in other areas over the coming years.

The Boston-based company previously acquired a 1.4 million-square-foot office building at the University of Connecticut, a 1 million-sq.-ft. space at a former state prison in Kansas City, Missouri, and an 888,000-sq.

ft. office building and parking garage in New Jersey.

In February, Next Big announced plans to build an office complex in Boston and a new 1.5 million-seat theater in Brooklyn.

The news comes as the company has been steadily expanding its presence in the United States, adding offices in Los Angeles, New Orleans, San Diego, Chicago, Atlanta and Philadelphia.