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It’s not every day that you see a brand new office remodeling project in your hometown, but John Thains has a plan to turn the former office space into a sleek, modern office.

The company behind the offices for the likes of Nike, Starbucks, and the BBC is looking to convert a former home office into an office space.

The new office space will include a kitchen, a meeting space, a dining room, and more.

The plan is to convert the former home into a full-service office, with the hope that the space will allow Thain’s clients to maintain a professional, high-quality environment.

Thains said that the new office, called the John Thais Center, will also offer a large-scale space for meetings, conferences, and presentations.

It will be a place that clients can stay for up to a year, Thains told Business Insider.

This will allow them to get the most out of their time, and allow them time to do some things that they would otherwise not be able to do, he added.

The office will be open to all Thain clients, but it will be used for business and conference-related work.

John Thained also has plans to open a coffee shop, an outdoor restaurant, and a yoga studio.

All of these offices will be available to rent, Thain said.

In addition, the space is expected to house offices for corporate customers and individuals, and will also house Thain business offices, which include an international business development and supply chain.

These offices will also include an onsite restaurant, a coffee bar, and an event space.

Thain plans to bring the new John Thanes Center to downtown Los Angeles and then expand it into a larger, modern, and fully staffed space.