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Bathroom Remodel Danbury

Denver-based remodeling company Renovate Denver has announced it will be converting a two-story building in downtown Denver into a new “bathroom” renovation denven.

The renovation will take place from the building’s entrance on the southwest corner of Main and Broadway to the rear entrance.

The new space will be used by the renovation company for its work in the city, Renovates Denver CEO Ryan Kuchera told Denver7 News.

“We have some great tenants that are looking to move into our new space and we are very excited about what we can do,” Kucbera said.

The building’s two floors will be converted into three levels, each one with four rooms and each with a kitchenette, a full-sized shower, and a separate living space.

The first floor will house a private chef and a private resident, and the second floor will be a restaurant.

Kucherea said the renovations will be finished by the end of July.

Denver-bound apartment rentals were up by 5.5 percent in July, the Denver Post reported.

In addition to remodeling, the company plans to add additional tenants to the space.

Renters will be able to rent rooms through the end, with the company’s goal of opening a new space for about 40 tenants per month, Kucchera said in a statement.

Rent for a one-bedroom apartment with a shared bathroom will range from $1,500 to $2,500 per month.

The space will also include a small kitchenette and an area for the company to run its own laundry and dryer.

Rentals will continue to be available for as long as the building is used as a single-family residence, he said.

KUCHEREA: I think a lot of times the people who come to Denver to work and they don’t know what to expect, it’s a great city to be in.

I think we will see some really big tenants move into the space, so that’s great for Denver, but we are a small company and we do a lot more than just remodeling apartments.