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I live in a house on the South Side of Chicago and it’s a very special place.

It’s a bit of a strange place because it has a lot of architecture and it has these huge concrete walls that have a sort of ‘no moving parts’ feel.

But then I have to say, I’m moving.

And then I thought, what if I did something similar in my house?

This is my house.

I don’t want to be on the outside looking in.

So I was like, okay, what would be cool to do?

So I got the idea of putting my house on an elevated platform, on top of the river, and then putting in a waterfall.

I wanted to see what would happen when you build a house that would not just look cool, but actually be a living, breathing thing.

So that’s where the idea came from.

You could walk down the street and you could see the city, but if you walk down to the house and the house is built on an old, crumbling structure, the house doesn’t look that good.

So, I wanted a house built on the river that would be a bit more contemporary.

So we had this idea that the house could be built on this platform, which is just like an arch, and it could be on top, and we thought it would be great if you could walk up and down it and see what you could do.

So what happens is you walk into the house, and this big platform is there and you see this beautiful river running through it.

It kind of looks like the city’s doing something with the platform, but I wanted it to be really special.

And I didn’t want it to look like this.

So there’s a waterfall there, but the water is not in the same water quality that you would see on the city.

So it has this beautiful natural look.

The house is in this beautiful location that I wanted, but also, you can walk right up to the river and you can see it in all the right places.

So the idea was to create a house with an urban look, a bit older and a bit newer.

The architecture is contemporary, but it’s also timeless.

So this house has a kind of old-school feel, which I love.

And the waterfall is an element that I think is timeless, but a little bit contemporary, and I love the way that it looks.

It is like a little bridge over the river.

It was kind of like the river on the platform.

So in the end, I think the house has this really iconic, historic feel to it.

So yeah, I guess I can say that I love it.

I love this house.

So you can really walk up to it, look at it, and you’re in this incredible city that I never thought I would be living in, but that’s just where I am now.

And there are a couple of things that I want to talk about.

First of all, we have the river in here.

I’m sure you can imagine what it’s like for a kid like me to be swimming down this river.

So for me, it’s the only thing that’s actually really exciting.

So after all the work I’ve put into the riverwalk and the design of this house, we really wanted to make it a little more of a natural experience.

So at this point, the river is a real part of this home.

It doesn’t feel like it’s on a pedestal.

It feels like it could just fall into the water and it would feel great.

But the river has this kind of natural feel to this house that I really love.

But it also has this old-fashioned feel to the architecture, and so it has that old-world feel to be built with.

It has a beautiful, classic feel to everything about it.

The roof is made of timber.

It looks like something out of the future, and the foundation is a bit modern.

So those are the kind of things I wanted in the house.

But I wanted the river to be kind of present in this house so it felt kind of connected to the history and the city and the history of the city that’s inside the house as well.

And also I wanted something that was a bit different than the other houses that I’ve built over the years.

I think a lot, I’ve kind of wanted to do this house for the last 10 years.

And it’s kind of been a really fun, busy project to build, so I really hope that people love it and that it brings back some of the fun that I feel like I’ve had building this house over the last few years.

So thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy this house and you’ve had a great time reading about it!

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