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The renovations of a small New York apartment complex were reportedly done by a group of architects.

The apartment complex is located in Midtown Manhattan and has several offices and rooms that have been repainted over the years.

The remodels are said to have been done by architectural firm The Architects Collective, who recently took over the building.

It is not clear whether or not the renovations were done to make room for new construction or simply to improve existing rooms, according to New York Magazine.

In an interview with the magazine, architect David Hargreaves said the renovations took place in mid-December, but declined to elaborate further.

The Architect’s Collective has been known to take on projects in the past, with a recent renovation of the old West Village headquarters of the American Institute of Architects, which was completed in 2011.

The group has previously repainted several of New York’s buildings, including the offices of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and the offices and bedrooms of President Donald Trump.