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In this photo taken on March 1, 2016, a woman is pictured on a balcony overlooking the River Torino, which is the entrance to the St. Catherine Cathedral.

The St. Catrina Cathedral is the first cathedral built by Pope Francis in Italy and is currently undergoing renovations.

According to the Vatican, it will take a while to reach the level of perfection that is hoped for in the future.

However, the Pope has said that his goal is to see the building completed by 2022.

“The first cathedral of this kind in the world will be completed in 2022, at the beginning of which I expect it will be finished by 2022,” the Pope said.

“It will be an example for all of us.

The first cathedral in the Catholic Church of Rome.”

The cathedral has been completed in the Italian city of Pozzuoli, and is expected to be the first church in the Western Hemisphere to be converted to a chapel.

According the Pope, the first steps to the Cathedral were taken in 2005 with the opening of the cathedral.

“In the years since, the work of the work has been well-documented and the work in the Cathedral has been entrusted to the faithful, so I am pleased that it has reached the point where I can express my satisfaction that it is ready for completion,” he said.

The project to renovate the St Catherine Cathedral in Pozzusoli has been delayed by a year.

“We have spent a year, and it is almost finished.

The cathedral will now be ready for the Mass in 2019,” the Pontiff said.

As for the future of the Cathedral, the construction of the chapel is expected for 2022.

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