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Danbury has a long and proud history as a hub of the home-improvement industry, but the city’s most recent renovation plan for a renovated building in the city center may just make it the first time in a decade that a city has actually rebuilt a citywide home.

Danbury’s Mayor Kevin Murphy and the City Council unanimously approved a plan to transform the building into a new office and residential building, with plans to build a three-story, three-bathroom structure that will serve as the citys largest office building in years.

The building will also be the first in the country to use a glass-reinforced concrete building as the base for a renovation, as it does with most new buildings.

Danburys city is the first municipality in the nation to use the new structure as the building base, as this is the only building that is considered a “reconstruction” in the new building.

This building will be a part of the Danbury-based firm New York Modern Realty, which will develop the project.

In the past, the company has worked on the renovation of historic buildings in Boston and Chicago, including the building that was recently demolished for $6 million.

But the construction of this building was seen as a first step to more modernizing the area, with the plan to add more amenities to the building, including a walk-up restaurant, a fitness center, a rooftop pool, a new gymnasium, a second restaurant, and a rooftop theater.

The design will be built by New York Real Estate Services, a firm that has worked extensively on many large and small projects around the world, including some of the most iconic skyscrapers in the world. 

The building will have a floor space of about 6,200 square feet, according to the city.

The majority of the building will remain vacant, and the first floor will be used for storage, with apartments available for rent.

The project will be financed through a $3 million bond that the city issued last year. 

A $3-million bond for the project will pay for the work, and it will be paid for through the sale of the hotel that sits on top of the project site, according the New York Post. 

In addition to the renovation, the city will also work on a new hotel, and Murphy has promised that the building’s location will help the city maintain its reputation as a “walkable city.”

The project is slated to be complete in 2018.

The New York City Department of Finance has not yet announced how much the project cost, but it is expected to cost between $25 million and $30 million, according Bloomberg News. 

While some other cities are still rebuilding their homes from the ground up, Danbury is going in a different direction, with this project. 

This is the second time in the past decade that Danbury and its surrounding area has built a new building to house its office and hotel needs, after a $20 million renovation in 2014. 

According to the Danburies website, the new project is a partnership between New York State Office of Housing, and Danbury residents and visitors, and will include new spaces for meeting, meeting rooms, and meeting and event spaces. 

New York City’s most notable office remodels were undertaken by the likes of John L. Doerr and Howard Zinn, with projects that included a $5.5 million renovation to the former UBS Tower, and another $7 million renovation of the New Jersey Bank Building. 

And, as the Associated Press notes, the real estate industry is a major driver of the economy in New York, with a number of the city areas largest corporations looking to expand into the city, as well as new companies being created to help boost the economy. 

One of the key areas of growth in the area of office remodeling is in the retail space, with more and more companies looking to bring their ideas to the area. 

Some of the largest companies in the industry include H&M, Sears, and Macy’s. 

However, some of those larger companies have had problems finding tenants, and have recently come under fire for how they’ve managed to land new office tenants. 

So, if you’re a company looking to build in Danbury this is a perfect time to come to work and you can even get paid! 

This article has been updated to reflect that the office remodeled project is part of New York’s Office of Economic Development.

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