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Bathroom Remodel Danbury

A New Jersey-based contractor has spent $1 million remodeling a home for $3.3 million.

Robert Ritchie’s remodel at his apartment in Newark, N.J., cost $1,300,000 to complete, according to a statement from the company, which is called Robert Ritchie Properties.

Ritchie Properties had previously completed renovations at the home in the past.

Rickey said he had worked with Ritchie for the past 10 years and said he was happy to finally receive the remodel after three years of negotiations.

He said he plans to use the remodeling for other projects in the future.

Ricky said the renovation of the apartment included adding a bathroom, adding a closet, installing new flooring, adding more windows, adding new furniture and installing a garage door.

He said the work will take about two years.

The property was listed for sale for $1 and was valued at $3,100,000, according the statement.

Riggins said he did not know how much the remodeled home would cost and was not sure how much it would cost to remodel the other properties he owns in Newark.

The Ritchie family has owned the property for more than 30 years, according a statement on the home’s website.