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A commercial office remodel is turning out to be a lot of fun for an Austin city worker, but it also may be costing taxpayers some money, according to a city official.

The city announced Monday that the renovation of an office space in downtown Austin will cost $2.7 million and be completed by July 2021.

The project was announced by the City of Austin to help with capital projects, but the city has not set a specific budget for the project.

The office was formerly occupied by the Austin City Council, but a vacant office space became available for renovation.

Austin officials say the office is “a great asset to the city.”

They said the renovation will provide for greater efficiencies for the city.

The new space will be used by the city’s economic development team and is being funded through a partnership with a local non-profit organization, said Austin Mayor Steve Adler.

The City of Travis and the Austin Chamber of Commerce are expected to attend the renovation.

The Austin City Hall will be closed for the first time since December because of construction, said Travis Mayor Susan Patek.

The office was originally designed by architectural firm Barchart.

The firm is known for its office renovation projects, including the $2 billion renovation of the City Hall in downtown Dallas.

The Austin City Attorney’s Office has asked the city for an injunction to block the project from going ahead.

Austin officials said in a statement that the city will seek court approval to reopen the city hall on July 8, 2021.

The city is asking for an extension of the deadline.

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