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A remodel you might have done 20 years ago could be your dream condo now.

The renovation could cost you $1.7 million or more.

You can get a one-bedroom condo with a new kitchen and bathroom remodels for $1 million or less, according to real estate consultancy Zillow.

A two-bedroom unit with the kitchen remodels and new kitchen, bath and bathroom additions for $2.2 million.

The three-bedroom for $3.2-million.

You could even buy a home with a two-story penthouse for $7 million.

But for the most part, you’ll need to pay a bit more than the $2,000 you’d pay for a new condo.

Here are the things you’ll pay for your remodel.


Bathroom remodels.

If you’re considering a condo, the first thing to consider is the remodeling of the bathroom.

A bathroom remodeling is a type of condo-style renovation where you replace the bathroom with a different design and use of fixtures and finishes.

Most remodels require at least $2 million for the renovation.

Zillows has a listing of the best bathrooms for remodeling in New York City.


New kitchen remodel plans.

A new kitchen renovation will cost you at least the same as a remodel but the cost is significantly less.

Zillerists say a two to three-year kitchen remodeling package will cost about $3 million, according the website.


Dental office renovations.

If a dental office remodels your home or office, you can expect to pay at least as much as a two bedroom condo for the same work.

Zills remodel price list has a list of dental offices for about $2-3 million.


Home theater renovations.

The remodel of your home theater will cost as much or more than a condo but a home theater remodel can be a great investment.

Zillianz has a home theatre guide that shows you how much it will cost.


Dining room remodels in the same building.

A dining room remodel is a kind of condo remodel where you have a different restaurant and dining area.

Most home remodels of the same size will cost between $800,000 and $2 billion.

Zillas remodel list has listings of restaurants for more than $1-million to $1 billion.


Bathrooms for a wedding.

A bath renovation that includes bath, shower and changing room remodeling can cost anywhere from $2 to $5 million.

Zilz has an extensive listing of wedding-related bath and shower renovations for about a quarter of a million dollars.


Kitchen remodels, bathrooms and other kitchen upgrades.

The cost of kitchen remodeled homes is much higher than other homes.

The average cost of a kitchen remodelled home in the United States is about $1 to $2 Million, according Zillower.

A one-year remodel that costs between $1 and $5-million will cost around $3-4 million, Zillott said.