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We’ve seen the same pattern with office remodels before.

When the renovations came to fruition, they left a mess, and the resulting cost overruns caused businesses to close.

But here, the remodel failed to meet expectations.

What went wrong?

Here are the main reasons: 1.

The renovation didn’t meet expectations The initial project manager said they’d put in an initial $100,000 to $150,000 for the renovation, but they didn’t get to work on it until the second quarter of 2016.

They didn’t know how long the work would take or how much it would cost.

In addition, they didn’ t know if they would be able to sell the property.

The property was valued at $2.5 million.

The initial estimate was $7 million.

So when the team started the project in the second half of 2016, they decided to double that estimate.


The remodel was not designed correctly The project manager initially said the remodeling would cost $10 million to $12 million, but when they went to the remodels house, they saw that it was only $7.5 to $8 million.

They had the property appraised at $3 million, which is way below their initial estimate.

The appraiser said that they had a 50-50 chance of making the project work.


The renovations didn’t fit with the existing building The remodeling team decided to change the floor plan.

This resulted in the renovation not fitting with the original structure, and they had to build a new floor.

When they remodeled the first floor, the new plan required the whole floor to be replaced with a single, high-tech ceiling.

The project managers also had to create a new ceiling to the ceiling.

This also led to the project not fitting the existing structure, which they had been trying to do for over a year.

The final renovation was not completed.

In fact, the project manager did not finish it. 4.

The projects remodel didn’t work The team decided they would build the entire remodel themselves, but instead, they did a $2 million renovation.

The cost of this renovation was much higher than the original project estimate, which meant that the project didn’t pay off in a timely manner.


The contractor did not follow the remodeled project plan and the remodelled floor plan The team didn’t follow the project plan to the letter, which resulted in several missed deadlines.

They also didn’t use a contractor that was certified to do the job.

The result was a total project that cost $24 million to complete.


The contractors work was poorly supervised By the time the project was done, the team had already failed to do all the work they promised, and it was still not finished.

The subcontractor who was contracted for the project did not have proper equipment to work with.

The team had to make the work themselves.


The original plan didn’t include the necessary materials The original remodel plan did not include the needed materials for the remodelling.

For example, they needed to replace the original wood floors, but didn’t have the needed lumber to make that happen.

The entire remodeling project was based on the assumption that the floor plans were ready when the first remodel went into place.

However, they never completed the project and they still had a long way to go before they finished.


The construction was completed at an inadequate time The remodeled floor plan wasn’t completed until the following summer, when the remodeline was done.

The time was critical to ensure the entire project was completed.


The work was completed before the remodling process could start The work on the project began during the first half of the project.

The first half was scheduled to be completed by July, and when they got to work, the work was delayed because the contractor was unable to get the building built.


The problems are likely to persist The team tried to find another contractor, but couldn’t find one that would be qualified to do it. 11.

The next remodel is not due until the end of this year When the remodela was completed, the next remodeling plan was never submitted.

The reason for this is because there are no deadlines in the remodler’s plan.


The building will remain open until the remodelman finishes the project In addition to the issues mentioned above, the current remodel project will remain unfinished until the next project is finished.

This means that the next renovation will cost at least $30 million.


The owners won’t pay the money back The project was paid off by a third party, which was supposed to be paying for the work, but it was never made clear that the owners would be responsible.

This was because the team didn’t include a plan to pay for the renovations themselves, and because the work wasn’t done on time.

14. The people

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