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The remodeling of an office space in the Houston office park could be a welcome sight for people living in Houston’s booming office industry.

The city has long struggled to build high-quality, sustainable office space, with few examples of modern office spaces designed for office workers.

Many of Houston’s most iconic office buildings, including the Texas Center, the Houston Astrodome, the AstrodOME, and the Willis Tower, were built with steel and concrete in the 1930s.

The buildings were designed to last and have a lifespan of decades.

But over the past few years, the city has been slowly remodeling these structures, with some of them falling into disrepair.

As a result, many of Houstons most iconic buildings are crumbling or in danger of falling into decay, such as the Texas Building and the Astro Dome, the former AstrodOME, and Willis Tower.

As the city continues to rebuild the structures, there has been a growing interest in whether Houston can afford to spend billions of dollars on these new office renovations.

“It’s a huge opportunity,” says Tom Hickey, a partner at Covington & Houck who has been working on a project to revitalize the Texas Plaza at the Texas State Capitol.

Hickey’s firm, Covingtons Houston office remodel, is the latest in a series of new office buildings to be renovated in the city.

The firm’s office renovation projects have already attracted attention from prominent business leaders, including Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner and Texas governor Greg Abbott.

“There’s a lot of attention being paid to Houston and the office space is an area of focus,” Turner told Al Jazeera.

“And I think this is a great opportunity for Houston to be a hub of innovation.”

The Texas Building, which was built in 1883, is one of the most famous office buildings in the world.

It is the tallest building in the United States and was named after former Texas governor George Texas.

The building is now known as the Houston State Capitol, and was designed by architect Howard Hughes.

But many of the building’s original features were torn down in the 1990s.

One of the earliest modern office buildings was built on a site that was formerly a grain elevator, which allowed workers to get up and move grain.

The first commercial building to occupy the site was the Astrotech Corporation, which operated the elevator.

Today, the building houses the office of Texas State Representative Bill Ritter.

The Astroteches office building also houses a research laboratory, a computer lab, and a conference room.

As part of the renovation, the Texas Tower and the Texas Hall of Science are being rebuilt, as well.

The Texas Center was built to replace the Astroturf structures that have been a part of Houston for the last 50 years.

Built in 1924, the tower was designed to house the Texas Department of Public Safety, and housed a large auditorium.

Today the building is the headquarters for the National Institute of Health.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office and the Houston Police Department are also renovating the building, which is located in the old Harris Center, an industrial park.

“The Astrotecs were a great architect and a great builder and they created some really great structures,” says Hickey.

“But the Astrophysicists building in Harris County is a real jewel, so to speak.

They were a huge industry, and we want to restore that.”

The office space could also be used as a teaching and research facility, or even as an office for researchers, says Tom Pincus, a Houston architect.

Pincuis worked with the Astropurfs, a university that specializes in building large-scale office structures.

“They did some great work with the Texas Office Building,” says Pincaus.

“I’ve done work for them for years.

We’re looking for a project that has a strong sense of place.”

Houston has had a long history of office buildings being renovated, from the Astra-Tec buildings in Dallas to the Astros in Houston to the Houston Astros and now the Texas Pavilion.

Picking an office in Houston is not easy, but there are a lot that you can expect to see.

“We have some really interesting office spaces that have gone through some significant renovations over the years,” says Turner.

“You could have a very unique office that’s never been seen before, but you could have the exact same office from the same building as a couple years ago, and you could change some of the details.”

The first building to be completely renovated in Houston was the Texas Ballpark in 1924.

The original Astrodomes, which are now the Willis Towers, are now demolished.

Some of the buildings that have already been renovated include the Texas National Guard Training Center, which houses the training of National Guard units in the state.

The National Guard is responsible for training new soldiers and providing training for the public.

The Willis Tower is the former headquarters of the Houston

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