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Bathroom Remodel Danbury

Danbury’s city hall was the first in the state to allow residents to use private bathrooms, but now residents are taking matters into their own hands.

A group of Danbury residents is organizing a Facebook group called “Danbury is for Bathrooms,” which they hope will eventually reach the mayor.

The group has created a Facebook page called “Bathroom for Danbury,” which boasts more than 200 people and hopes to bring more public restrooms to Danbury.

Danbury is home to a number of businesses, including the historic Danbury Hotel, the iconic Danbury Bridge and many of the buildings of the Danbury Mall.

The city has also invested in new public restrooms, which include new showers, bathrooms and changing rooms.

There’s even a new public library, but it’s currently closed due to construction.

Some residents have suggested building a new, more modern city hall, but they say the current city hall is outdated and needs a makeover.

Some people have also called for a new city hall dedicated to public safety.

It’s unclear if the new project will succeed, but for now, the new group says it wants Danbury to be a place that people can feel comfortable using their own bathrooms.

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Are there any other cities in Connecticut that are getting new restrooms?

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