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“A big deal,” said one source with knowledge of the company’s strategy.

“It’s like the dream job.

It’s a dream job.”

The company’s new Austin office remodel, which will open in July, will include a new floor plan and new furniture.

The remodel includes more space for a conference room, a conference table and more.

The company says it will invest $100 million in the project.

The office will also include a restaurant, bar and a lounge.

Other remodel updates include:The company will replace the existing kitchen with a new, energy-efficient stove.

The new kitchen will be larger and feature two kitchens and a fully stocked pantry.

The restaurant will also feature a wine bar and wine list.

The new conference room will have more space and will feature a private conference table.

The firm says it is also adding a new conference table for customers who prefer it.

It is also upgrading a second kitchen in the basement to fit a larger TV, an electric oven and a larger microwave.

The company says a new office washroom will also be added.

It will also expand the kitchen area, which is currently covered by a wall.

The space will be about 4 feet wider than it was before the remodel.

The firm is also expanding its catering and hospitality offerings, including a new catering menu.

The remodel also includes a new dining room that will feature new seating and tablecloths.

The dining room will feature four new seating options: The main room with chairs, two small tables, a single large table and a large table.

Also included is a second dining room with an expanded patio and a new bar.

Other updates include adding a spa, a massage room, an exercise room and a fitness room.

The spa will be expanded to offer massage treatments, a water bath and other health-related services.

The office remodeling will cost the firm $20 million to $30 million.

The expansion will include about 2,000 square feet of office space.

The Texas Home & Garden Association, which represents the state’s real estate industry, is not endorsing any of the new office remodels.

It said it is too early to tell how much the renovations will cost.