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The office remodeling plans for the new office of British Prime Minister Theresa May are in full swing.

The first batch of work will be done by the end of September and will take the shape of the office’s original exterior and interior, which will be replaced by the interior of the new one.

The prime minister is also set to announce the creation of an emergency task force to look into the future of the prime minister’s office.

According to The Times, the cabinet will decide whether to hire a contractor for the work by the first half of next year.

It is also reported that the government is looking at ways to increase the number of staff at the PM’s office, including through hiring more consultants.

The new office will have more space for conference rooms, as well as a conference room next door, to accommodate a greater number of guests.

The PM’s chief of staff, Nick Timothy, told the BBC on Monday that there will be a large number of people working there.