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Renting an apartment can be pricey, and sometimes difficult, but the process can be done at home or at a rental company.

In fact, there are so many options to rent an apartment that it’s almost impossible to pick one that suits everyone.

However, it’s worth taking a look at what you should know about how to get started with your own apartment renovation.

If you have questions about the process, you can always email me.

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The American Heritage Guide to Real Estate Rental by Mark Tully, LLC, available in English, French, and Spanish.

Available for pre-order at The American Council of Realtors (ACOR), The American Homebrewers Association (AHBA), and The American Association of Realty Professionals (AAPRP).

The American Guide to the Home, available at The Modern Home.

The Modern Guide to Landlord Tenancies, available through the Modern Home’s website.

The Modern Guide for Renters, available from The Modern Bookshop and The Modern House.

Home Improvement: Realtor, Build, and Rebuild Your Own, available for preorder at and on the Amazon app.

I have written about the construction of a new home many times in the past.

If I’ve helped you with any questions or need help with your home renovation, I’d love to hear from you.

If there are any specific problems or challenges that you’d like me to know about, feel free to email me!