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Office remodeling is a growing business, and one that’s booming right now.

Here are some tips to help you get started.


Get a quote for the job 2.

Make an appointment to see if there’s a specific price you can expect.


Choose a location to do the job from The City of San Francisco, San Francisco Planning Department or your local planning department.


Check out the different locations to see how much they can charge.


Make a list of the best and cheapest options to rent out your space and start making a plan.


Check to see whether the space you’re looking to remodel has any parking and make sure you’re not getting into a jam.


Check the market to see what’s going on around you and if you can find a space that’s affordable for the price.


Make sure you get the proper paperwork to get the job done.


Have a few weeks of research.


Keep in mind that you don’t need to be a remodel expert to make this job work.

You just need the right experience and the right attitude.

And that’s where a little creativity comes into play.

1 .

Find a job in your city to start remodeling 2.

Find a site that’s close to your home or business 3.

Find one that you enjoy working at 4.

Talk to your neighbors and find out if they’d be interested in getting your job 5.

If so, see if you could get your home remodeled as well 6.

Make your reservation with a local planning office to see the work you could be doing there 7.

Take your online resume and fill it out with your job history, the location you’re currently living in and a few references.

8 .

Make sure to put in all the right information and contact information for your boss.

9 .

If you’re working at home, get some help from a friend or family member who’s also a remodeling professional.

10 .

Once you’ve been hired, find out what your next step is.