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On Thursday, the city announced it was ending a series of public consultations on the proposed office remodeling program.

The proposed changes, which the city says would save $50 million over five years, include changing the way the city works with companies to find new office space and moving away from the need to buy new buildings every three years.

But the city said the program will continue for three years after the end of this fiscal year. 

The city said that it will still allow companies to submit a proposal for a new building, but the new building would need to have at least three years of operating history.

“As we transition into the next phase of the remodel program, we want to make sure that we do the best we can to accommodate those companies that are currently in the market and to have that process continue for as long as we can,” said city manager Michael Harrison.

The city says the remodeling process will cost about $1 billion over five or six years.

It also says it will cost an additional $50-million to build the buildings.

The changes are part of the city’s $1.2-billion budget for 2017-2024.

It includes $2.2 billion for a 10-year capital budget.