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Bathroom Remodel Danbury

A Bakersfields couple has sued a California company for $1.3 million for making a $1,500 bathroom remodeling project look “unnecessary and excessive.”

According to the complaint filed in California Superior Court, the home of Tami and Tim Nesbitt was remodeled in 2015, and the project was done by local bathroom repair company T-Nexon.

The Nesbs bought the home in March 2015 for $2.5 million, but when they returned in November, the kitchen, living room, bathroom, and bedroom were all made from scratch.

The Nesbers said they were surprised to find that the kitchen had been completely overhauled.

The couple said they had no idea the project would require a $4,000 remodel, and that they thought the remodel would cost about $1 per square foot.

The homeowners said they found out the remodeling was unnecessary after they contacted T-nexon to find out how much they would have to pay for the work, and they contacted the home inspector who had inspected the home before the remodels.

The home was also damaged in a fire, which caused $4 million in damage, according to the lawsuit.

The owners said they have been unable to recover their money because of the delay in the remodelling.

The lawsuit claims that the Nesberts are owed $1 in back rent, plus interest.